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Call us at and a friendly mechanic will help you with your vehicle. This is what I learned  1) My vehicle did not need a full inspection  because the code was a warning. 2) Even a warning code could have been a violation, but that didn't mean it needed to be fixed. 3) The inspection was done for a few short minutes and only for my vehicle, which is the only vehicle the dealer had that needed an inspection. 4) The inspector found nothing wrong. There are numerous warning signs before you have a warning code or a violation which do not require it.  The point is for those of us who have a vehicle that needed to be checked it could have easily taken an hour or more to do the inspection or even longer.  For a dealership inspection where a warning code is the lowest risk option we found this not to be a necessity..

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After March 31, 2020, the out of province inspection shall be required for all vehicles registered in Alberta. Aug 9, 2020 — The “new” tax rate for registration fees will be per 100 of value (instead of for all other motor vehicle registration fees). Aug 12, 2020 — The annual registration fee for a motor vehicle will increase from 150 to 160. Motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 6,000 kilograms will continue to be exempt from paying a registration fee. Aug 18, 2020 — The “additional” commercial registration fee of 150 for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 8,000 kilograms for any motor vehicle will now replace the registration fee for all vehicles over 8,000 kilograms, and will be collected by all vehicles in that class. Aug 18, 2021 — For any vehicle over 8,000 kilograms not covered in (A), any commercial registration will.

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Inspection of the vehicle may be arranged for the next inspection day, if needed. For further information regarding the Service of Process, please see the Service of Process section of the Vehicle Application. 1) The Driver's name, address, photograph and driver's license number are to be recorded on the application and any subsequent registrations. The applicant's signature must be notarized. 2) For each vehicle, the applicant must pay in advance for a provincial inspection fee. The fee is to be for a passenger vehicle, and for a tractor or any other vehicle that contains a  .

Alberta commercial and out of province vehicle inspection

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